Read about New Year, its history and how it is celebrated in different parts of the world.

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New Year Around the World

What is New Year?

New Year is universally celebrated around the world with joy. The occasion fills everyone's heart with cheer, joy and happiness. Countries follow various traditions and customs to fetch prosperity for the upcoming year. Each and every place across the world is draped with colors of celebration. Such partying makes the celebration, the memories of which are cherished all year long. People celebrate the occasion by organizing a New Year party with special dishes.

Origin of New Year

The earliest celebration of the New Year is believed to have been organized in Mesopotamia in 2000 B.C. New Year Day was celebrated in Rome in 153 B.C. Other ancient cultures (Egyptians, Phoenicians, and Persians) have different dates. New Year is considered to be a worldwide celebration of happiness with passion. The day is celebrated to bid a fond farewell of the departing year and welcoming the New Year. People all over the world celebrate the grand day with excitement and high energy levels. New Year celebrations are enjoyed in different styles in various countries across the globe.

Ways to Celebrate New Year

New Year Eve is best celebrated in the company of family and friends. The traditions followed while celebrating New Year Day differs from one part of the world to another. In some countries, people cut cakes and open champagne bottles to express their joy. They greet each other with hugs and kisses at midnight on New Year's day. The planning starts a month in advance to ensurefun and frolic. People also arrange get-together dinners and outdoor activities like picnics, camping, barbecue parties and water sports. Incredible ‘New Year Eve Packages’ are also offered during this time for people to enjoy the celebration. Auld Lang Syne is commonly sung in many countries on this occasion. It is credited to Robert Burns, who combined a common Scottish folk song with his own lyrics. A country like Australia celebrates the event by displaying breathtaking fireworks that attract thousands of people to Sydney.

Also known as: New Year, Chap Goh Mei, Chun Jie, Jour Des Étrennes, Lunar New Year, New Years Eve, Revillion, Seollal, Shogatsu and Silvester.

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