Read about the origin, history and celebration of Easter (Pâques) in France.
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Easter in France

Origin and History of Easter in France

Easter celebrates the rebirth of Jesus Christ’s after his crucifixion. The actual celebration existed even before the birth of Christianity. According to history the Pagan spring festival which took place around the same time as Easter is believed to be the basis behind the present day celebration. The historic records indicate that the word Easter is derived from the ancient Anglo-Saxon spring goddess Eostre. In earlier days Easter was observed on different days of the week. In 325 AD, the Council of Nicea decided to declared the celebration of Easter on Sunday.

Local name: Pâques

Ways to celeberate Pâques in France

The historic country France is famous for its religious faith in Catholicism and its festivals, thus Easter is celebrated with great zeal. Easter celebration in France slightly differs from other countries. The church bells remain silent from Good Friday until Easter morning. It is considered as a symbol of grief over the crucifixion of Christ. During Easter people spend time with family and friends by enjoying the festive meal. The menu includes roasted lamb, chicken, roasted vegetables, boiled eggs, omelets, chocolates and the list goes on. Easter eggs made with candy or chocolate are considered popular gifts for children. The most important part of Easter in France is the huge Easter parade and carnival held on Shrove Tuesday. It is also popularly known as Mardi Gras. An Easter celebration is incomplete without fun filled activities. According to an old French custom, egg hunt and other funny activities are organized to bring liveliness and encourage the festive mood.