Read about the origin, history and celebration of Easter in China.
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Easter in China

Origin and History of Easter in China

China is a spectacular country located in the Eastern region of Asia. Though it has a continuous history of over 4000 years, there is not a significant population of Christians in China. However, Chinese celebrate the holy festival of Easter indirectly. They relate Easter to the conclusion of winter and the rebirth of the spring season. Even then, many Christians residing in China celebrate Easter as the day of Resurrection of Jesus Christ after his Crucifixion. According to the Chinese culture, eggs are believed to be a symbol of spring and fertility. Thus, they paint eggs and gift them to their loved ones similar to what is done in the western countries. As per many legends and archeological evidences, it is said that ancient Chinese people painted eggs red for the spring festival (near Easter) 3000 years ago.

Local name: Easter

Ways to celeberate Easter in China

Easter is an International holiday and is celebrated in China with equal passion and enthusiasm. Even beyond the religious implications, Easter has much significance in the Chinese culture. For them, Easter is an onset of spring which is celebrated on the spring equinox. Eggs, rabbits, and baby chicks form the symbols of the spring festival (Easter) in China which is quite similar to the traditions of Western countries. On this day, Chinese people paint Easter eggs. These eggs are painted in a unique way by first draining them and then finely painting with intricate images of depicting women, sceneries, and other beautiful designs. Jade and woods are smoothed and carved into shapes of eggs to symbolize the "dragon egg". All these are then given as gifts in wishes of growth and many children.