Read about the origin, history and celebration of Easter (Easter Sunday) in United Kingdom.
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Easter in United Kingdom

Origin and History of Easter in United Kingdom

The oldest and most important Christian festival ‘Easter’ is called as the celebration of new life. This Christian festival marks the end of Lent and celebrates the re-birth of Jesus Christ. According to historians the celebration is more than 2000 years old predating the religion. Easter, is believed to have originated from the ancient festival to honor the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring called, Eostre. It was believed that goddess Eostre used to come to earth after a long winter and bring the warm weather with her. Ancient Greeks used to observe the Pagan festival to greet Eostre and the beautiful environmental transformation. Later the orthodox church changed the ancient Pagan spring festival into Easter.

Local name: Easter Sunday

Ways to celeberate Easter Sunday in United Kingdom

In UK, Easter is observed as a major Christian festival filled with folklore, customs and delicious festive food. Easter Sunday is not just a day to remember Jesus, but also to celebrate the victory of life over death. As a part of Easter, churches are beautifully decorated with flowers. White lilies (the main flowers for the day) are placed on altars and graveyards. Men and women dressed up in special outfits and decorative bonnets to offer special prayers in the church. People enjoy the festive meal such as ham, pancakes, eggs, chocolates etc. During Easter special parades are held in UK and the most popular one is conducted at Battersea Park in London. Another important event of the Easter is the century old Morris dance, which gets the attention of every passerby.