Read about the origin, history and celebration of Easter (Правосл&) in Russia.
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Easter in Russia

Origin and History of Easter in Russia

Russia, also known as the Russian Federation, is a state stretching from Eastern Europe to northern Asia. From time to time, Russia has witnessed several wars and invasions that have left a huge impact on its cultural heritage. Russia has an amazing amalgamation of people who follow both churches - the Western Church and Easter Orthodox Church. For this reason, Christian festivals are celebrated by following customs and rituals form both the churches. According to the Russian culture, Easter is a celebration for the soul and is a period of spiritual insight and improving oneself. It teaches us to be good and kind, and to respect everyone and everything that surrounds us. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ is the symbol of pure love and hope. Even in a way, it can be said that Easter is more of a religious holiday than indulging in various festivities and merriment. Easter celebrations in Russia are marked by colored Easter Eggs and holy processions.

Local name: Правосл&

Ways to celeberate Правосл& in Russia

Easter celebrations in Russia begin right from the Great Lent on Monday after Maslenitsa during which special church services are held in the Holy Church. This special service is followed by the fast. According to the Western Church, Easter Sunrise customs are followed, while the Eastern Church practices Saturday midnight customs. During this, doors of the church are closed until midnight and as the clock strikes 12, the priest opens the door and comes out saying "Christ is risen! Christ is risen! Christ is risen!” This proclaims the Jesus’ resurrection which is greeted by worshippers replying back with “He is risen indeed!". The most exclusive custom of Easter is picking pussy willows. Additionally, coloring and decorating eggs (Red) is also a very popular custom of Russian Easter. However, many other vibrant colors like yellow and green are also used, representing the sunlight of spring. Egg rolling contests are also organized during the celebrations. These beautiful eggs are used as gifts and rewards for the winners. The Russian Easter feast includes various specialties, like pancakes, paska and Kulich, which is religiously enjoyed by every Russian family.