Read about the origin, history and celebration of Thanksgiving Day (Harvest Festival) in United States.
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Thanksgiving Day in United States

Origin and History of Thanksgiving Day in United States

Thanksgiving Day in America has a very interesting history. It is believed that the pilgrims who sailed to America were originally members of the English Separatist Church. In order to escape religious persecution the pilgrims made an attempt and fled to Holland. Eventually they became disappointed with the Dutch way of life. Thus, they decided to take the help of a London stock company to enter America. The group reached Plymouth in 1620 but unfortunately they had to face a terrible winter. Out of the total 102 pilgrims, 46 died before the next snow fall. The following year the fortune turned in their favor and people witnessed a bumper harvest. The remaining pilgrims decided to celebrate their ordeal with a feast, which included 91 Indians. Since then the day is observed to thank God for blessing the people with plentiful crops and bountiful harvest.

Local name: Harvest Festival

Ways to celeberate Harvest Festival in United States

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated with a lot of fervor and merry-making in America. Most of the government offices, schools and other organizations remain closed on this day. All the family members visit churches to offer their prayers to the Lord. The children sing and dance while the adults travel to meet their distant relatives and friends. It's a time for family members to gather for holiday meals and joyous reunions. On this day, people arrange large meals for their relatives and friends. The banquet is mostly prepared by turkeys stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy and maize, pumpkin pie and other traditional recipes for the day. Thanksgiving Day parades are organized in some parts of the country. Watching football games is considered a popular activity. This is what creates the most alluring part of Thanksgiving celebrations in the country.