Read about the origin, history and celebration of Thanksgiving Day (Chu Suk) in Republic Of Korea.
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Thanksgiving Day in Republic Of Korea

Origin and History of Thanksgiving Day in Republic Of Korea

Chu Suk is a popular Korean harvest festival. The event is believed to have originated since the Shilla Kingdom. During this period a month-long weaving festival competition was held. The king had divided the city into different teams and appointed princesses to lead them. The result of the contest was announced by the king on the day of the eighth full moon. The losing team had to provide food, drink, and entertain the whole city for the following day. Since then Koreans observe this day as the harvest festival and celebrate it with great gusto.

Local name: Chu Suk

Ways to celeberate Chu Suk in Republic Of Korea

Chu Suk is a famous Korean Festival which is also celebrated as a mark of respect to elders. On this day, families visit their ancestral properties in home towns. It is believed that they get blessed by their ancestors when they visit their natives. They also visit their graves and offer special home-made dishes prepared for the festival. Chu Suk is the day for feasting and happiness for Koreans. They enjoy and distribute food prepared with newly harvested crops. Songp'yon, crescent-shaped rice cakes stuffed with sesame seeds, chestnut paste or beans, are considered as delicacies during Chu Suk. The Koreans celebrate the day with activities such as archery, wrestling and singing competitions. Womenfolk gather and sing songs forming circles. It is a time to mark the festival and be thankful to the Gods.