Read about the origin, history and celebration of Christmas in United States.
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Christmas in United States

Origin and History of Christmas in United States

As per the historical records Christmas originated some 4000 years ago before the birth of Christ and it is believed that Mesopotamians were the first to celebrate this winter festival to welcome the arrival of the New Year. As far as USA is considered the celebration of Christmas is of recent origin. The American’s re-invented Christmas and changed the traditional hoarse carnival into a family centered peace and joyful holiday. The first recognition to Christmas was given by the Alabama state in 1836; it was later recognized by the District of Columbia in 1836. By 1893 all the states of USA declared Christmas as a federal holiday and from then it has become the grand festival of the nation.

Local name: Christmas

Ways to celeberate Christmas in United States

Christmas celebration in USA contains a variety of cultures and traditions. Christmas being the major festival, every ethnic group brings their specialty in the festive mood. Each and every street of the country represents the festivity and merriment. Almost all the houses, shops, commercial and public buildings are decorated beautifully with sparkling electric lamps and Christmas trees. Many families decorate their homes with festive legends such as snowmen, Santa, festivity scenes, reindeer, candy canes and many other items. Almost all Christen families visit churches on this day to attend special prayer service and to see other activities such as corals, dances, dramas etc. Finally the most important part of Christmas is festive food. Although there are a variety of menus for Christmas the most popular and traditional Christmas food includes rich desserts, turkey, pastries, gravy, healthy salads etc.