Read about the origin, history and celebration of Christmas in Singapore.
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Christmas in Singapore

Origin and History of Christmas in Singapore

According to historical records it is believed that Jesus was born on the 25th, but no one knew the exact month. December was unanimously chosen as the Christmas month so that churches could consider the ancient pagan rituals as it was close to the New Year. The Catholics believed that it will act as celebration to welcome the changes in the weather and the arrival of the New Year. Since, Singapore is a land of multi-religions Christmas is celebrated with much enthusiasm not only by Christians but also by others. With globalization, the Christmas celebration has become a national festival in Singapore.

Local name: Christmas

Ways to celeberate Christmas in Singapore

Christmas in Singapore creates a magical atmosphere everywhere. Like most of the western countries Singapore is also beautifully decorated. Each and every corner of the city is lit up with colorful lights thus creating a fairly land that holds up to the festive spirit of Christmas in Singapore. The shopping malls and restaurants begin their preparation for Christmas from the month of November. During the Christmas season sound of the carols are heard echoing through the streets, Christmas trees are placed everywhere and Santa makes guest appearances on almost all roads. The decoration of orchard Road and Marina Bay streets is a feast for the eyes. During the festive seasons Christians decorate their home with beautiful Santa Claus, Christmas trees, wreaths, ribbons and colored lights. On this day people go for community services, special prayers and organize a party for the family and friends to make the day a memorable one.