Read about the origin, history and celebration of New Year (Chun Jie) in Singapore.
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New Year in Singapore

Origin and History of New Year in Singapore

New Year is celebrated on 1st January all over the world. In Singapore it is celebrated according to the traditional lunar calendar. The event is celebrated over a period of fifteen days throughout the country. New Years day is also known as Chun Jie (Spring Festival) in Singapore. It is a fantastic celebration which is enjoyed with full vigor and fervor by the natives of the country. Chun Jie is observed as a day to reconcile, forget all grudges and wish peace and happiness for everyone. The day is also observed as Chinese New Year because of mass ethnic Chinese residents living in the country. New Year is celebrated for good fortune, happiness and health of the people.

Local name: Chun Jie

Ways to celeberate Chun Jie in Singapore

In Singapore, people start preparing a month in advance for celebrating the occasion. The party starts with cleaning homes thoroughly for the event. During New Years Day, people extensively beautify their homes with colorful lights and other decorative items. Besides, there is an amazing display of fireworks at night. Chingay Parade, puppet and drum shows are performed on this special day. Special feasts are arranged for relatives and friends. They also follow the traditional way of gifting each other with hongbao (red packets) for good luck.