Read about the origin, history and celebration of New Year (New Years Eve) in India.
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New Year in India

Origin and History of New Year in India

India is a multi-cultured country. Every state in India has its own history behind the New Year celebration. Therefore each state follows its own tradition and culture to rejoice the occasion. New Year dates of many religions coincide with each other. In mid March, the first day of the month (Chaitra) is celebrated as. The Hindus of Kashmir celebrate Navreh (New Year) in mid March on the first day of the Chaitra month. On the same day, the southern states including Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh celebrate Ugadi as New Year Day. On this date, the people of south India worship Lord Brahma. It is believed that the universe was created by him on this auspicious occassion. During the same time, Sindhis and Marathas celebrate Cheti Chand and Gudi Padwa respectively. On this day, Sindhis worship Varuna (the God of water) by bhajans, devotional music and aartis followed by feasts.

Local name: New Years Eve

Ways to celeberate New Years Eve in India

People in India, prepare in advance to celebrate New Year. They wear new clothes and decorate their front yards with colorful rangoli designs. On this occasion, they worship and greet each by exchanging sweets. They decorate their houses with fresh flowers, mango leaves and lights. In some places, the day begins by performing pooja at homes and temples. The sacred festivity is followed according to specific customs and rituals depending on the region/place. The people prepare various delicacies and invite their relatives and friends to mark the auspicious day. Generally, people also exchange New Year gifts, flowers and greeting cards with their near and dear ones.