Read about the origin, history and celebration of Father’s Day (Father’s Day) in Denmark.
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Father’s Day in Denmark

Origin and History of Father’s Day in Denmark

Denmark celebrates Father’s Day on June 5th with the great enthusiasm. Father’s Day in Denmark coincides with the Constitution Day, which is a national public holiday. According to the history, the origin of Father’s Day dates back to some 4000 years ago during the ruin of Babylon. As per this story, a young boy named Elmesu presented a card carved in clay to wish his father good health and long life. No one knows more about Elmesu and his father, but the tradition of honoring fathers continued across the world. The present Father’s Day celebration originated in US and subsequently extended all over the world. The idea of present day Father’s Day was given by Ms Sonora Smart Dodd of US. Sonora a loving daughter was pleased by his father, William Smart, who worked single handedly to bring up his daughter after his wife’s death. The Nobel idea of Father’s Day celebration by Sonora, soon spread to whole nation and was recognized by a Joint Resolution of congress in 1956. Later in 1972, President Nixon established Father’s Day as a permanent holiday in the honor of fathers. Like this Father's Day was born as a token of adore and gratefulness that a daughter cherished for her beloved father.

Local name: Father’s Day

Ways to celeberate Father’s Day in Denmark

Denmark celebrates Father’s Day with the great spirit and gaiety. As per the tradition, people along with their dads show their appreciation to grandfathers, uncles, stepfathers, brothers and all the men who have acted as the fatherly figure in their life. Children from far places visit their family and spent some quality time with their loving dad. Some make this day memorable by presenting cards, roses and other things. As father’s Day coincides with the Constitution Day, people enjoy this public holiday by going to the restaurants and other places. The mode of showing love and care for father vary from person to person but the bonding and gratitude behind it remains same everywhere.