Read about the origin, history and celebration of Father’s Day (St. Joseph's Day) in Australia.
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Father’s Day in Australia

Origin and History of Father’s Day in Australia

Father’s Day celebration initiated by Ms Sonora Louise Smart Dodd began in the United States. Later it spread its wings to other parts of the world. YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) further continued its inherited pattern of paying tribute to all the fathers on a special day in Australia. The Father’s Day Council of Victoria gradually began honoring fatherhood through a yearly award function. The local community gave away the ‘Father of the Year award’ in 32 municipalities of Victoria (Australia). It was done to honor those fathers who had been successful in playing a great role in their children’s lives. At present Father’s day is celebrated with great enthusiasm to keep the old traditions alive. Many Roman Catholics celebrate Father’s Day as Saint Joseph’s Day.

Local name: St. Joseph's Day

Ways to celeberate St. Joseph's Day in Australia

Father’s Day festivity is seen all over Australia. It is filled with enthusiasm and delight. It is celebrated on the first Sunday of September every year. Children give their dads fresh flowers, cards, chocolates, sweets, neckties, jackets, accessories, sports items, and apparels on this occasion. The people in Australia arrange for get-together parties which include fun games and activities to strengthen the bond between fathers and children. Others organize special feasts and outing to have fun with the family. Many organizations and clubs arrange for special programs and invite the children and fathers to be a part of it.