Read about the origin, history and celebration of Fatherís Day in Costa Rica.
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Fatherís Day in Costa Rica

Origin and History of Fatherís Day in Costa Rica

Costa Rica celebrates Fatherís Day with the great zeal. As per the historical records, Fatherís Day tradition is traced some 4000 years ago in the ruins of Babylon, where a boy named Elmesu carved a Fatherís Day message out of clay to wish good health and long life for his father. Though there are no written records about Elmesu and his father but, many historians believe this event as the origin of Fatherís Day. The modern Fatherís Day celebration is originated in US and thereafter spread all over the world. The idea of present day Fatherís Day was given by Ms Sonora Smart Dodd of US. Sonora was pleased by his father, William Smart, who worked single handedly to bring up his daughter after his wifeís death. The Nobel idea of celebrating Fatherís Day soon spread to whole nation and was recognized by a Joint Resolution of congress in 1956. Later in 1972, President Nixon established Fatherís Day as a permanent holiday in the honor of fathers. Like many other countries Cost Rica also celebrates Fatherís Day on third Sunday of June.

Local name: Fatherís Day

Ways to celeberate Fatherís Day in Costa Rica

Fatherís Day celebration in Costa Rica takes place with lot of gaiety and enthusiasm. The day is observed as a special time for family re-unions, as children who stay away from their parents try to visit their family and celebrate the day with their father. While most of the other children indulge their father with delicious foods, cards, flowers and beautiful presents. The restaurants get ready for the day with the mouth watering foods and beautiful interiors. With the popularity of Fatherís Day commercialization has increased to a great extent. The people who have lost their father pay tribute to souls by donating money in their fatherís name.