Read about the origin, history and celebration of Passover (Pesach) in France.
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Passover in France

Origin and History of Passover in France

Passover, the famous Jewish festival is known for its diversity and traditional richness. The story of Passover began when the Jews were forced into slavery to build the great cities of Egypt. The Pharaoh felt threatened by the growing number and strength of the slaves. He ordered his ministers to kill every Jewish new born child by throwing it into the river Nile. Only one male infant named Moses escaped this cruel act. It is believed when he grew up, God helped him to free the Jews from slavery. According to the instruction, a lamb was sacrificed and its blood was placed on the door of every Jewish house, indicating the angle of death to pass over their home. Thus the name Passover came into prevalence. According to myth, after several failed attempt, God created ten plagues to confer pain and misery upon the Egyptians. During the final plague, the first child of every Egyptian family died. Scared by this act, the Pharaoh freed the Jews from slavery.

Local name: Pesach

Ways to celeberate Pesach in France

Most Jewish festivals revolve round the traditions of storytelling and special foodstuffs. Like many other festivals it is also true in Passover. The most important part of the Passover traditions is the holiday feast, called Seder. Seder consists of variety of special foods that are prepared differently in various parts of France. Only Matzoh and other special varieties of Matzoh are allowed during the feast. Passover is also observed as an occasion to celebrate the past history. It is done by reading the Book of Exodus. In some parts of France, Jewish organize family get-togethers to make the Passover a memorable one.