Read about the origin, history and celebration of Mother's Day in Thailand.
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Mother's Day in Thailand

Origin and History of Mother's Day in Thailand

Motherís Day is a highly special occasion celebrated across the globe for honoring mothers and their love for their children. Observed on different days in different countries, the main motive of this festival lies in paying a tribute to motherhood. To add to the list of nations celebrating Motherís Day, Thailand is one among them that commemorates with immense splendor and grandeur. Motherís Day is observed on 12 August, which happens to be the birthday of the Queen of Thailand, Queen Sirikit. The Queen is considered to be the ďMother of the NationĒ; thus, this day is commemorated as Motherís Day by the Thai people. It was first held on 10th March in 1943, but was canceled during World War II. However, in 1950, this day was declared to be observed on April 15 but due to Governmental issues, the idea was dropped. And finally in 1976, Motherís Day was again celebrated to honor Her Majesty Queen Sirikitís birthday. Find out some traditions and customs practiced by Thai people to celebrate Motherís Day.

Local name: Mother's Day

Ways to celeberate Mother's Day in Thailand

Motherís Day is a national holiday in Thailand and hence, marks a gala celebration of merriment for all people. Preparation for this day starts weeks before. All buildings are covered with royal symbols (flags) and portraits of Her Majesty, along with flower garlands and colored lights around the kingdom, to honor the royal family. Apart from these celebrations, the Grand Palace and other renowned locations are bejeweled with colored lights and magnificent adornments. Special fireworks are displayed near Sanam Luang in the honor of Her Majesty. Apart from this, Thai people take this day as an opportunity to pay tribute to their loving mother also. White jasmine flower is gifted to mothers as the jasmine flower is considered to be an emblem of maternal love in Thai culture. Some other activities carried out include performing charitable activities, offering food to monks, and collecting donations to help needed mothers.