Read about the origin, history and celebration of Passover in United States.
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Passover in United States

Origin and History of Passover in United States

Passover is the first Jewish festival mentioned in Bible. This holiday commemorates the historical victory of the Jews. According to this legend the Jewish people who worked as slaves under the Egyptians couldn’t tolerate the hardships anymore. Pharaoh, the chief of Egyptians became wary by the growing numbers of Jews. Thus, he ordered his men to kill all Jewish male infants. Somehow a boy named Moses escaped this act and with the help of God he freed the Jews from slavery. It is believed that the Jews were told by God to celebrate this happiness. Thus, the festival of Passover came into existence.

Local name: Passover

Ways to celeberate Passover in United States

Jews in USA observe Passover as the primary family holiday. The main part of Passover is the celebration of Seder. The word Seder means ‘order’, is a particular meal on this holiday. Before preparing the food for Seder all leftover food or chametz is removed from the residence. The Seder for Passover consists of a variety of special foods arranged on the table. It acts as an edible centerpiece during the festival. The most important food for Seder is matzah (unleavened bread). During this holiday according to their traditions, Jews invite all family members for Seder. In addition to the costumes associated with Passover, the holiday is celebrated with things common to other Biblical holidays. They include lighting the candle, buying new dresses, Torah readings and special prayer services.