Read about the origin, history and celebration of Christmas in United Kingdom.
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Christmas in United Kingdom

Origin and History of Christmas in United Kingdom

Much before the present Christmas day celebration, people around the world enjoyed the midwinter festivities. With the popularity of Christianity, the ancient pagan festivals merged with the Christmas celebration and became a widely celebrated festival in the world. Even today most of the Christmas traditions are ethnic or ancient pagan festivals. In UK Christmas was introduced by St Augustine in 596 AD. Although Christmas was celebrated in UK no one had heard about Santa Claus or Christmas cards. The industrial and technological revolution seen in the 18th century during the Victorian era has changed the perception of Christmas completely.

Local name: Christmas

Ways to celeberate Christmas in United Kingdom

In almost all the countries of UK, the joyful festive season begins at Advent. During this time people decorate their homes with wreaths made of pink, white and purple candles. The shops get ready for the grand festival from November itself. During this holy festival people decorate their home with Christmas trees, tinsel, wreaths, ribbons and other decorative items. The traditional Christmas dinner served during Eve is a mouthwatering event with feasts such as roasted turkey, rich desserts, Christmas pudding, fruit cake and the list goes on. Christmas is the time to share love, exchange gifts and show their care for one another other. On the actual day of celebration churches and cathedrals all over the UK hold masses for Christmas Eve and special Christmas morning prayers. In UK the day after the Christmas is called as the Boxing Day because young boys used to go around the cities collecting money in clay boxes. Boxing Day is still observed in UK with the same level of spirit.