Read about the origin, history and celebration of Ramadan (Eid Ul-Fitr) in United Arab Emirates.
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Ramadan in United Arab Emirates

Origin and History of Ramadan in United Arab Emirates

Ramadan is the holy month of Muslims which commemorates the revelation of Holy Quran. According to Islamic beliefs and traditions during the month of Ramadan Prophet Mohammad came to know about the holy teachings of Quran by angel Gabriel. According to legend Mohammad was sitting alone in backwoods when suddenly the angel Gabriel came to him with a golden tablet and asked him to read the messages inscribed on it. The writings on the tablet were believed to be the essence of holy Quran. Prophet Mohammad who read the messages became a great follower of those messages and thus with the help of him Muslim religion came into existence. Other event is also linked to this month and it is the Battle of Badr, which went between Mecca and Medina. The people of Mecca were idol worshippers and that of Medina were Muslims. Medina final won the battle and this glorious victory is mentioned in Quran.

Local name: Eid Ul-Fitr

Ways to celeberate Eid Ul-Fitr in United Arab Emirates

Islam being the major religion of UAE, Ramadan is observed with the great enthusiasm all over the Emirates. During the month of Ramadan most of the organization reduces the working hours for their employees particularly for those who are fasting. Even schools have special timings to accommodate the needs of fasting children and teachers. Almost all the restaurants remain close during daytime but extend their opening till late night. In the morning and the late evening the UAE is embellished with activities and prayer services in mosques. The fasting of Ramadan begins after the early morning dines called suhoor and the fast is broken after the dusk meal called iftar. During this time even restaurants organize for special iftar tents where customers can have a simple or complex meal. Finally the holy month of Ramadan comes to end after seeing the moon, which is celebrated as the holiday called Eid-ul Fitr.