Read about the origin, history and celebration of Valentine's Day (Valentines Day) in India.
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Valentine's Day in India

Origin and History of Valentine's Day in India

Valentine’s Day has grown in significance over the last decade or so. It is a relatively new concept which has attracted young urban people living in India. Like several other countries Indians too believe that this occasion will strengthen the depths of their love. Valentine's Day has gained popularity and become a broadly recognized day throughout the country. Every year the importance of the day has increased. Some consider Valentine’s Day as a western import and hence hesitate to celebrate the occasion. But as India has greater exposure to the Western culture many people have started celebrating this beautiful and romantic festival.

Local name: Valentines Day

Ways to celeberate Valentines Day in India

Valentine’s Day is celebrated with great gusto in the nation. Indians celebrate this occasion by exchanging flowers, soft toys, candies, cards, chocolates and gifts. Jewelry is considered the perfect gift for Indian women. Cineplex, discos, pubs, pizza parlors and party places are crowded with couples celebrating the day together. Many pairs plan for a romantic dinner to make the day more memorable. Private parties are also organized in homes. Going on dates with loved person is a common way of celebrating this festival. Roses, cupid and heart shaped balloons are familiar symbols of Valentine's Day. Young boys and girls propose to their loved ones on this special day. Valentine’s Day is considered a day of love and bonding.