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Hello SMS

Hello is a greeting word we use when we see others and it came in print for use, in 1830’s. When the receiving sound comes on the phone call we make, we says ‘hello’. There are places where people don’t use ‘Hello’ for common use but use it often when making calls. Hello is one beautiful word to greet people with a smile on the face and this collection of ‘hello text messages’ will please you without doubt.
A simple "HELLO"
can be soo sweeet...
H= How are yu?
E= Every thing is k
L= Lik to cee yu
L= love to hear frm yu
O=Obviously I Missss yu!
so.... HELLO!
:"': :"':
: :,,,: :
: :"": :
:,,: :,,: ELLO

Watch this cööl hèllö

I jüst wänt tö wish ü à
Nicè Morning and wonderful day.
I do not agree with what you said really….
please explain in detail a bit more for me :D

Kya kr rhy ho? bussy ho?
ktna bsy ho?
Agr kaam ho to message kun nhi krty?
Agr zyada ho to msg kyn par rhy ho ?:
Twinkle Twinkle lazy star Kitna soy ga uth ja ab yaar up above the world so high, sun has�risen in the sky uth ky jldi pe ly chaye, thn call me up and say HI
Those sparkling eyes,
That amazing face,
A 100watt smile,
The enthu stride,
The cheerful talk,
Charming personality!
I'm still the same. How r u?.
There are many questions but answers R very few
Thatsy I ask U only a question
How r U?.
With atomic and meteoric regards,
My volcanic impulse trembles every time
I greet a person with a magnitude of
Character and charm like you.
Days r empty wen I dont hear somthin frm u.
Just a simple hello n my worries r thru.
Y I feel dis? I think I hav a clue.
I am glad I hav a fren like u.
Questions R many,
But answers R few,
So I ask U only a question,
How r U?.
Dhaniya Rs 3
Mirchi Rs 4
Aaloo Rs 5
Kaanda Rs 6
Tamatar Rs 10
Palak Rs 15
Ye sab to mahanga hai
Par SMS to sasta hai!
Phir karte kyo nahi
When i dont get ur sms!
A little pain in my heart
A small tear in my eyes
And sadness falls on my face
What is this?
Its nothing
Just Dramebazi ;-)HW RU?.
I wanted to help put
A smile on your face today.
So,before I got all tied up
In another busy day
I just had to send you a
SmS jaa k unko “HELLO” kehna!

Smile kare tu “SO SWEET” kehna!

Delete kare tu “DUFFER” kehna!


Parhne k baad agar mujhe miss kary tu

“SAME 2 U” kehna!
Hello all

aaj kaunsi story par achaar vichar sanchaar aur shishtachaar ho
raha hai……..;->
Say HELLO 2 meeeeeee
Big ‘HelloooOO’ to my sweet lovin milky honey cheez juicy and spicy FRIEND
It is the heart that makes a man rich. He is rich according to what he is, not according to what he has. Hello to one of the richest persons I know. God Bless
The road to a friend’s house is never long
reaching out with a Hi to say
no matter how far we are
you’re always close to my heart
Hey it's me
popped out to say hello
n wish you a wonderful day
Dont say hello to any one becouse hello is derived from hell,which means jahunmi.
Hai Moon! Dim ur Light..
Hello Wind ! Breeze soft.
Hai flower! Blossom Slowly.
Hello Earth! spin gently.
Becoze My Dear frndz is going 2 sleep!.
Sometimes, I forget to say hi,
Sometimes, I even miss to reply,
Sometimes, my msg doesn’t reach u,
But, it doesn’t mean that I forget u,
!""!....Hello....!""! !...!""""My""""'!...! -=(Sweet)=- {}-{}Person{}-{} =Good= M=O=R=N=I=N=G Subah Bakhair Asalam O Ailikum Have A Nice Day.
Nigah Azal sy pyasi ha or kuch b nhi, Sari Dunia hi khafa c hy or kuch b nhi, Gham-e-jana hy Na gham-e-dunia"Ali" Aik bay naam udasi hy or kuch b nhe....