Funny animal SMS is a great way to distress you in a hilarious way. Read on to find out the excellent text message on animals.
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Animal SMS

We, in the core existence, are all animals but with a brain to think and adjust our nature background to suit ourselves, we are able to call ourselves as ‘human beings’. An animal is a living being that condition its own behavior according to the place it lives. They , when in Zoo, become an object of amusement for human beings. A few animals make great pets but most of them can never give up their wild instincts completely. It’s great fun to know about animals and their contrast nature. Read and share these animal text messages with your friends to have great fun.
When geese fly in a "V", why is one side longer?
Because there are more geese on that side
Why do cows wear bells?
Because their horns don't work
What did the turkey say to the chicken?
Gobble gobble
Why do hens lay eggs?
If they dropped them, they'd break
Which side of the chicken has he most feathers?
The outside
Doctor, I can t stop behaving like a dog.
How long have you been acting this way?
Since I was a puppy!
Two snakes meet each other..
First snake:I hope I am not poisonous.
Second snake:Why?
First snake:Because I bit my lip!
Q : What do stylish frogs wear?
A : Jumpsuits!
Q : What did the frog order at McDonald's?
A : French flies and a diet Croak
Q : What goes, 99-thump, 99-thump, 99-thump &
A : A centipede with a wooden leg
Q : What do you get from a pampered cow?
A : Spoiled milk.
What kind of work does a weak cat do?
A : Light mouse work
Q : How do you identify a bald eagle?
A : All his feathers are combed over to one side
How do you circumcise a whale?
A : You need at least four skin divers
Diffrence between monkey & donkey? monkey save all my sms & donkey delete all my sms, shaan love now choice is yours....
A baby dog asks mama dog: How papa looks like. Mama dog said: "Your dad came from behind, I do not have the chance to see its face carefully!"
Ek Chunti Hathi Ke Upar Baith Kr Ja Rahi Thi. Raste Me Kaccha Pul Aa Jata Hai.. Usko Dekh K Chinti Boli …….. . . . Jaanu Cross Kar Loge Ya Me Utrun.;-)
Lion 1 Buriya Se:
Main Tera Khoon P Jaun Ga
Pena Hai To Kisi Jawan Mard Ka Pi
Uska Khoon Garam Hoga
Nahi,Mera Aj Cold Drink Peny Ka Mood Hay.
Once Bread and butter were travelling by plane… plane crash hua…
bread marr gayaa.. lekin butter nahin maraa… kyon???

Because woh Butter FLY thaa..
Wo snakes meet each other.. First snake:I hope I am not poisonous. Second snake:Why? First snake:Because I bit my lip!
3 CHIPKALYAN Deewar Par Ja Rahi Thi, Ek Ne GANA Sunaya, Baqi Do GIR GAEEN! Socho Q? Aur Socho Ans: Q K Baqi Do Ne.... TALYAAN Bajain
o( @..@ )o
Paichan kaun?
Bandar bi nai,
Monkey bhi nai,
Tumhare bachpan ki photo hai.
Meri Wife Sirf Cockroach Se
Santa Se Puchha Ki-”Tum Next Janam Me Kya Ban’na Pasand Karoge?
Srdr-”A Cockroach”
Bcoz Meri Wife Sirf Cockroach Se Hi Darti Hai
WhAt d|d A rAt sAy tO A cAt??




BillO rAn| kAhO tO aBhi jaAan De DuN…!
If I saw a man beating a donkey
Teacher: Now, children, if I saw a man beating a donkey and stopped
him, what virtue would I be showing? santa: Brotherly love.