Check the dates on which Kinrō Kansha No Hi will be celebrated in Japan.
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Kinrō Kansha No Hi Japan 2011

The festival Thanksgiving Day, also known as Kinrō Kansha No Hi, will be celebrated on 15th March in 2011 in Japan.

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on 15th March and in 2011 Thanksgiving Day will be celebrated on 3rd Tuesday of March. Countries like Malaysia, Republic Of Korea, United Kingdom, United States, Africa, Canada and India also celebrate Thanksgiving Day with great fervor and refer to it as Kinrō Kansha No Hi in Japan.Thanksgiving Day is one of the most popular festivals in United States and is also called US Thanksgiving Day,Harvest Festival, and First Thanksgiving,Thanksgiving Celebration.

In some other countries Kinrō Kansha No Hi is also referred to as Chu Suk, Harvest Festival, Homowo Festival, Jour De L'Action De Grâce, Tadau Ka'amatan and Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Day dates 2011 around the world:

Chu Suk Republic Of Korea 2011
Jour De L'Action De Grâce Canada 2011
Harvest Festival United States 2011
Tadau Ka'amatan Malaysia 2011
Thanksgiving Day United Kingdom 2011
Homowo Festival Africa 2011