Teacher jokes are based on the conversation between a teacher and her students. Explore clean & funny teacher humor.
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Teachers Jokes

Teacher jokes are amongst the most popular genre of jokes. They are mostly based on the interaction that takes place between a teacher and her students. It happens very often that teachers ask questions from students, who then reply with some weird and nonsense answers. The situation becomes amazingly humorous and the end result is lots of laughter. Given here is a vivid compilation of clean and funny teachers' jokes.
Little Julie was sad and sitting on the back bench. Teacher came in the class, and she found Julie sitting at the back, where she never sat earlier.
Teacher asked, "What is wrong with you Julie."
Julie said, "Mam, you tell me, whether it is right to punish someone for not doing something?"
The teacher thought for a while, and said, "No, of course not."
Little Julie said, "Then, Mam, I have not done my homework." Send to friend
Teacher: Why have you come so late in the class?
Darwin: Sir I saw a signboard down the road.
Teacher: That is fine that you saw a signboard down the road, but what does a signboard have to do with your being late?
Darwin: The signboard said, "School Ahead, Go Slow!" Send to friend
Martha was a Math teacher. She asked her pupils: There is a tiger and three lions walking down in a jungle. It is raining fast. What is my age?
Little Mary stood up and answered: 32 yrs.
Martha: How do you know I am 32?
Little Mary: Simple, my sister is 16 yrs old and she is half mad. Send to friend
Samantha was teaching arithmetic to her fifth grade students. She gave a problem to solve: "Suppose, there are a dozen sheep and six of them jump over a fence. How many would be left?"
Little Julie: "None,"
Samantha: "None? Julie, you don't know your arithmetic, start studying well."
Julie: "Teacher, you don't know about sheep. When one goes, they all go. It is better if you keep your sheep inside the boundary." Send to friend
Mary thought of teaching her students something about God.
She asked her class, "Where does God live?"
Sam: I think he lives in our bathroom.
Teacher: What? Why do you say that?
Mary: Well, You know Mam, every morning my daddy bangs the bathroom door and says, 'God, are you still in there?' Send to friend