The jokes for kids have clean and innocent humor in them. Read on to explore funny kids' jokes.
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Kids Jokes

Kids often ask funny questions or give funny logics when you raise a query to them. These questions and logics often end up creating a humorous situation. These jokes are typically geared toward children and young adults. However, that does not mean that adults cannot enjoy kids' jokes. Rather, the clean and innocent humor of kids' jokes makes them perfect for any and every occasion. The simplicity of such jokes allows an individual, of virtually any age, to get a good laugh. Let us explore some clean and funny jokes for kids.
Teacher: Who can tell me where Hadrian's Wall is?
Little Mandy: I expect it's around Hadrian's garden miss! Send to friend
Teacher: Why were the early days of history called the dark ages?
Joe: Because there were so many knights! Send to friend
Father: Why does the statue of liberty stand in New York harbor?
Stuart: Because it can't sit down! Send to friend
One student to another: What's the worst thing you're likely to find in the school cafeteria? "The food," replied the other one. Send to friend
Johnny to Celia: What kind of food do math teachers eat?
Celia: Square meals! Send to friend
Teacher: How did Columbus's men sleep on their ships?
Student: With their eyes shut! Send to friend
Teacher: What kind of lighting did Noah use for the ark?
Student: Floodlights! Send to friend
One friend to another, "Wish I had been born 1000 years ago!
Another friend, "Why is that?"
Just think of all the history that I wouldn't have to learn! Send to friend
Mother asked school going kid: How do you like going to school?
Kid: The going bit is fine, as is the coming home bit too, but I'm not too keen on the time in-between! Send to friend
Mr Patch: Who succeeded the first President of the USA?
Kid: The second one! Send to friend
Teacher: Where did the pilgrims land when they came to America?
Student: On their feet! Send to friend
Teacher: Where did the pilgrims land when they came to America?
Student: On their feet! Send to friend
Literature teacher asked, "Why did Robin Hood only rob the rich?"
Student: Because the poor didn't have anything worth stealing! Send to friend
Little Robin called school: My son has a bad cold and won't be able to come to school today.
School Secretary asked, "Who is this?"
Student: This is my father speaking! Send to friend
Father: When was Rome built?
Son: At night.
Father: Why did you say that?
Son: Because my teacher always says that Rome wasn't built in a day! Send to friend
Mother: What was the first thing you learned in class?
Child: How to talk without moving my lips! Send to friend
Teacher: You missed school yesterday, didn't you?
Little Johnny: Not very much! Send to friend
History teacher to student, "What did they do at the Boston Tea Party?
Student: I don't know. I wasn't invited!
History teacher, "OK, then what did they wear at the Boston Tea Party?
Student: T-Shirts! What else! Send to friend
Little Johnny came back from the school, mother asked, "What did you learn in school today"
Little Johnny: How to write
Mother: What did you write?
Little Johnny: I don't know, they haven't taught us how to read yet! Send to friend
Nancy, the teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even though a whale is a very large mammal, its throat is very small. Little Celia stated that Jonah was swallowed by a whale. The teacher reiterated that a whale cannot swallow a human, it was impossible.
Little Celia said, ?When I get to heaven I will ask Jonah?.
The teacher asked, ?What if Jonah went to hell??
Little Celia replied, ?Then, you ask him!? Send to friend
Teacher: Join these two sentences together. I was cycling to school. I saw a dead body.
Student: (thinking for a while) I saw a dead body cycling to school. Send to friend
Brian Murphy asked children, what do you wish to do in future?
Jack: I want to be a pilot.
Smith: I want to be a doctor.
Celia: I want to be a good mother.
Little Johnny: I want to help Celia. Send to friend
Little Johnny to his dad: I would not call you in my marriage?
Dad: 'Why won't you call me?'
The Little Johnny: 'Because you didn't call me in your marriage.'' Send to friend
Jack: 'It's so cold in my town that we have to use ten blankets at night!'
Smith: 'So what... in my town, it gets so cold that we have to use at least thirty blankets!'
Little Johnny: 'That's nothing! In my town, it gets so cold that the cows give ice cream instead of milk!' Send to friend