Listening to or reading funny jokes can help you relive much of your stress. Check out some hilarious jokes.
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Funny Jokes

The dictionary meaning of hilarious is merry or cheerful. When a hilarious situation arrives in front of a person, he behaves in typical manner and often ends up making it all the more funny and conducive to cheerfulness. Hilarious or funny jokes may vary in length and genre, but they all depict a situation that is bound to create loads of laughter. Some funny jokes have been incorporated in the following lines, to make you smile.
The salesman said, ?I can let you have this top-of-the-line stereo for nine hundred dollars, minus six percent, for cash?
The customer was really confused. Not able to figure the calculation, he replied that he would think about the deal and return the next day.
The evening, the fellow asked his blonde female friend, ?If you were offered nine hundred dollars minus six percent, how much would you take off??
The blonde replied, ?Everything, but my earrings!? Send to friend
There were three ladies a blonde, a brunette and a red head. They all were expecting and were talking about their pregnancies.
The brunette said, ?My baby?s going to be a boy.?
The blonde asked, ?How do you know??
The brunette said, ?Because when we did it, my husband was on top.?
The redhead then said, ?My baby?s going to be a girl.?
The blonde asked, ?How do you know??
The red head said, ?Because when we did it, I was on top.?
The blonde started crying hysterically. She was calmed down after lots of efforts. Finally, she said, ?My baby?s going to be a puppy.? Send to friend
John went to an Indian village. He did not know even a single word of Hindi. When he was crossing a lane, he collided with Indian women who did not know a single word of English.
Polite Englishman, repenting on the mis-happening, said, "Sorry for that,"
The embarrassed and angry Indian women replied,
"Badtamiz?ek toh takrata hai aur upar se bolta hai saree phar de! Send to friend
Joe was a lawyer. He told his women client the secret of long lasting marriage?.
The secret of a long marriage was take time to go to a restaurant two times a week. Have a candlelight dinner, with soft music and dancing. Go to rave parties?Try to maximize the fun in life...
But make sure your husband goes on one day and you on another? Send to friend
Two girls were sitting and talking about their would-be-husbands. One of them said she has got an intelligent, caring, and good looking man.
Another girl was amazed and asked - "Where did you come across this rumor?" Send to friend
Alice, a blonde, thought of doing something intelligent. She went to buy a puzzle for herself. She liked one and asked the shopkeeper to pack it.
The shopkeeper said: "Mam this is for three to six years."
The blonde insisted and bought it.
A year later, she finally managed to finish it. She laughed and said to herself,
"And the shopkeeper thought it would take me three to six years to finish this." Send to friend