Doctors are amongst the numerous professionals who have been made the butt of jokes. Read popular jokes on doctors.
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Doctors Jokes

Medicine is considered a serious profession and doctors are expected to behave seriously. However, they are also human beings and need a break from the unexcited life. This is where jokes come handy. While doctors enjoy light humor, they are often made the butt of jokes as well. Doctor jokes usually manifest from doctors' enquiries, patients' questions on diseases and problems, and so on. Here is compilation of funny jokes about doctors.
Three doctors are waiting in line to get into the pearly gates.
St. Peter comes and asks the first one, "What is your contribution in earth to enter Heaven?" "I am a pediatrician and have brought thousands of Lord's babies into the world."
St Peter replies, "Good enough to enter the gates."
The same question is asked of the second doctor. He says, "I am a general practitioner and go to Third World countries three times a year to cure the poor."
St. Peter is impressed and allows him through the gates.
The third doctor steps up in line and knowing the question, blurts out, "I am a director of a HMO."
St. Peter thinks for quite sometime and says, "Fine, you can enter Heaven...but only for 2 days." Send to friend
Santa went to doctor: "Doctor, I feel so sick that I want to die!"
Doctor: "Don't worry Santa! Just leave that job to me, I am trained for that." Send to friend
Lucy went to a dentist and got upset over the fee structure.
She said to dentist, ?Two hundred rupees for pulling out a tooth!? ?And it?s only a minute?s work.?
?Well, if you wish,? the dentist said, ?I?ll do it slowly.? Send to friend
De' Souza went to doctor: "Doctor, How can I ever repay you for your kindness to me??
Doctor: ?No problem, you can pay it by any method - cheque, money order, or cash.? Send to friend
Amanda was happy about the promotion of her husband and getting a new gift. But, she had a problem.
She phoned the doctor, "Doctor, please prescribe me something to reduce my weight immediately. My husband has given me a wonderful present, and I can?t get into it?.
Doctor - "Right now I am busy, you come over here tomorrow, and I will give you a prescription. Then, you will be able to wear the wonderful new dress gifted by your husband soon.?
Lady: ?Who said anything about a dress? I am talking of the car.? Send to friend
Wilkins, the rogue, went to Psychiatrist and asked, "Doctor I keep stealing things. What can I do?"
The Psychiatrist said, "Try to resist the temptation. But if you can't, get me a new television" Send to friend
Robin had a big problem; he went to a doctor and asked, "Why does everyone ignore me?"
Doctor: Next Please!!!!!! Send to friend
Joginder Singh was in Delhi. Once he had severe indigestion. He went to a doctor and said: "I have a severe indigestion problem."
Doctor, after examining, said - "You should walk for 4 km everyday".
After a month, the doctor received a call from the same patient saying, "I am now in Chandigarh, how much more should I walk?" Send to friend